payment methods casinoBefore you start playing for real on a casino you have to make a deposit. This can be a simple thing to do for most people, but some payment methods can take several days before your money gets to the casino. It’s important that you choose an safe and effective payment method, and when you see the different methods you should also think how it will affect your budget and your playstyle.
It’s obviously very good when it’s easy to deposit on online casinos and the money is instantly on your balance but for some players it can be better to use other methods that are easier to control than e-wallets and creditcards. With a prepaid card like Ukash or PaySafeCard you can charge them for just the amount you want to gamble with and it provides an extra safety that is very important when gambling online. If you know that you can become a bit hot headed when gambling and things isn’t going your way we definitely recommend prepaid cards.

Theres a big advantage to gambling sites that offers different payment methods so that you can choose the one that fits you in the moment. Sometimes you might prefer to use your creditcards while other times you’d rather use e-wallet or something else. These days you can even pay through your phone on some sites and some people really enjoy this since you can keep track of all your payments directly from your phone then.

Trustly & Instant Bank

Today Trustly is one of the most popular payment methods when it comes to gambling online, this is because it’s so easy to use and to send money through a bank transfer. Today you’ll find Trustly in over 25 countries and it’s used daily for all types or purchases online. Over a million payments goes through Trustly each month. What makes Trustly so effective is that in most cases a bank transfer can take multiple hours and sometimes even days, but with Trustly it’s on your balance in just a minute and it’s completely secure. To use Trustly you just have to choose it as a payment method, write in the sum you want to deposit, choose bank and then you’re done!


Another very popular method you’ll find when paying is Neteller. Neteller is an e-wallet that you can use for faster and simpler payments online. The way it works is that you just have to register an account on Neteller and then link your card to your account or deposit money and then you can navigate straight to your chosen casino and deposit without a problem. Neteller is today very big and they offer VIP-Program and you can even order a physical card that you can use in your everyday life, just like a normal bank card. Basically every single casino today accepts deposits from Neteller, but some casinos may charge a small fee when depositing, so make sure to check for that before you make your deposit. To make a deposit with Neteller you just choose it as a payment method, write the sum you want to deposit and then write your account number and you’re done!

Credit Card & Bank Card

Probably the most common method to use when paying and gambling online. Credit card is accepted everywhere and it works just the same wherever you go. Paying with a Credit Card is very simple and it’s usually very fast. The most common credit cards today is VISA and MasterCard and they’re the most common for casinos to use today. To make deposit and withdrawals with a credit card is very secure and fast, you just choose credit card as deposit, write in your card number, number, name and CVV2 code and then you’ll get your money within a minute or so. It’s just as simple when you want to deposit. Remember that using creditcards might have a small fee!


Skrill is very similar to Neteller and is also one of the most popular payment methods. Today Skrill has been around since the 2000s and is one of the most popular e-wallets online. You’ll find Skrill on almost every single casino and it’s super easy to use. Just like with Neteller you just have to register and then link your card to your Skrill account or just deposit via your bank then you’re good to go. Skrill has an exclusive VIP program that gives you benefits like smaller fees and so on and you can also order a physical card that you can use in your everyday life just like any bank card. To make a deposit with Skrill you just choose it as a payment method, write how much you want to deposit and then your details and you’re good to go.


Zimpler was launched back in 2016 and was one of the first payment methods that offered payments through your mobile phone. With Zimpler you can easily pay via your phone anywhere, whenever you want to. Zimpler is very unique and easy to use. You just download the app and register by stating your phone number, you’ll then get a verification code on text that you write in to verify yourself. You can then use it as a payment method and confirm your payments through your mobile, super simple!


PayPal is the biggest e-wallet today and they’ve been around since 1998. PayPal is used to shop anywhere on the internet and it’s super simple to use, you register and deposit money with card or bank transfer right into your PayPal wallet. You can then use these money to shop or gamble online. Unfortunely not alot of casinos offers PayPal today since they have a few rules against online gambling, that’s why most casinos don’t offer PayPal for withdrawing money. If you want to make a deposit with PayPal you just choose it as payment method, write in your account and password and then click pay. You’ll then have your money on your account within 15 minutes.