Side-Bet-City-Icon-640Side Bet City is a brand new and unique table game which takes us back to Las Vegas, 1985. The room is neon pink, the atmosphere is on top and everyone is having a grand time. Side Bet City was created by Evolution Gaming and is based on the table game Poker, this game is also designed to be played against other players around the table instead of the actual dealer. The players bet on whether they think they can win against the rest or not, no matter if they have a hand with 3 cards, 5 cards, 7 cards or if they want to play an “all lose”. The hands are judged based on the same rank as Poker hands, and you as a player do not need to make any other decisions except for how good your hand is, it’s very simple!

Side Bet City is fast, it’s fun and it’s very simple. The only thing you really need to know before you get into the game is the chart of Poker Hands, something that you can easily pull up and keep track of on the side if you don’t know them by heart. Apart from that, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping on a chair and start playing. One of the best things about this game is that an unlimited amount of players can play at the same time, you just pick your seat and play the hand that you’re dealt.

With a name like Side Bet City, the game has got to contain side bets as well, right? Well, it kind of does. Every bet is like a side bet in this game, you can bet on 3-Card Hand, 5-Card Hand, 7-Card Hand or All Loose if you think your hand is the worst on the table. This game has already been released, and can today be played at most casinos that offer Evolution Gaming. You’ll find tons of fantastic Live Casinos that offer great bonuses over at our Live Casino page here at FreeMySpins.