Casumo is now back with yet another amazing winning story. This time, a member by the name of Sadia joined the casino just a few months ago. This girl behind the alias worked as a salesman and had just gone to bed after another tough day at work. She decided to log in to her account and spin little bit before sleeping, and this is something she will never regret. This time, she was incredibly lucky in the new game Wild Elements. With just the spin of 4 pounds, she managed to take home a full 259,937 pounds jackpot win.

When she saw the gigantic jackpot sum popping up on the screen, she just could not believe her eyes. She immediately began hugging her partner and her children and told them what had just happened, and no one could believe their ears. When asked what to do with the money, they have planned to renovate the house or buy a new one.

“I found a house I really wanted, but when we went and looked at it, it turned out that we couldn’t afford the down payment. Now we can actually buy it!” – Sadia, the winner of the jackpot.

This is just another happy story where just one second of luck changed this whole family’s life for the better. The big prize this time was paid out at a slot called Wild Elements, a completely exclusive slot that is only available at Casumo until mid-October 2019. The slot machine has a theme of the four elements – Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. The slot can pay out a full 5,000 times the bet and has an RTP of 96%.

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