The jackpot slots have been running hot lately, seems like everyone wants to get in on the Jackpot hype that has been going around for the better part of 2019. Tons of different jackpot has been paid out, some of the big ones even multiple times. We’re truly living in the golden era of online jackpot slots, they’ve never been filling up this quick and there have never been this many different people winning. Just a few weeks ago, it was time again, in the jackpot slot Mega Moolah from Microgaming. The winner started spinning the wheels, and just 30 minutes later managed to take home the mega jackpot for 13 328 028 euros.

This is the third big win in 2019 on Mega Moolah, the previous two win was back in January when it paid out over 20 million euros and March where it paid out 25 million. That was the biggest win on Mega Moolah ever since the slot was released back in 2006. Thanks to the sudden increase in popularity lately, the pots are being built up in no time, there are always big wins to chase. As this article is being written, Mega Moolah’s mega jackpot is up at 3,8 million euros once again.

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