casino holdemHere we’ll go a bit deeper on the game Casino Hold’em. Casino Hold’em isn’t as popular as Blackjack or Roulette since it’s a bit more complicated, but as soon as you understand the rules it gets very fun to play. Casino Hold’em is based on the Poker game Texas Hold’em, but here you play against a dealer instead of other players. Here we’ll go through how this game works as well as what you should do maximize your chances of leaving the table with a steady profit.

How to play Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is played just like Texas Hold’em and all the hands are ranked just the same, the difference here is that you play against a dealer instead of other players. You start by placing a bet, then the dealer will deal two cards to you and two cards to himself as well as three cards on the table. You both will use these cards to try and make the best hand as possible if you want to keep playing you’ll place another bet and two more cards will be placed on the table. Now you want to have a better hand than the dealer has with your hole cards together with the five open cards on the table. How much you win depends on what kind of hand you have, the site often has a paytable that they follow for the different payouts, but for example, Flush pays out much more than what a Two pair would’ve done. If the Dealer has the better hand then you’ll lose your bet and move on to the next hand.

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Casino Hold’em Strategy

There are no real strategies to this game, just like Baccarat, this is mostly dependant on your own luck. A couple of tips we can give you, however, is that you should always fold your hand if you don’t have a good starting hand or something that can become very good with the additional two cards. However, the optimal strategy player will raise 82% of the time, so only the worst 18-20% of the hands should you fold. If you start to notice that you’re losing a lot of hands in a row it might be better to take a break and come back later.

Play Casino Hold’em Live

Today most casinos offer this game in their supply and you’ll find Casino Hold’em both on Live Casinos as well as Landbased ones. If you enjoy playing Texas Hold’em we can guarantee that Casino Hold’em is something that would definitely interest you. Under Live Casino we’ve listed the best casinos that offer great Live Casino bonuses and supply of games. If you want to play Casino Hold’em With a Bonus you should check out Best Casino Bonus as well!